Scorpion Rebirth Turns 1!

Well it is officially been one year and kind of hard to believe!


In 2014, we started Scorpion with the idea of trying to help people more than the industry ever helped us. Unfortunately, we had to take time away.  So when we came back in 2017, we restarted Scorpion under the Scorpion Rebirth name.

In this last year Rebirth has a Flickr of 84 members, an active modeling staff of close to 35 photographers in house, and we have about 16 to 20 collaborators that we work with on a regular basis.  We release work daily if not multiple times a day. To see the growth of some of the models as they venture into photography has been utterly entertaining.


I guess at the end of the day it’s nice to see that Scorpion has actually been able to grow and  produce what we originally wanted it to do. It’s great to see our veterans come back and see the new company grow better than we achieved with the old company.  Seeing the new life coming into the porn world is definitely something that puts a big smile on my face everyday.  To go from the new face to welcoming the new faces into the world kind of makes me feel like the “Mama Bear” of this company, so I guess the joke is it’s always going to be Mama Willow.

I personally want to extend my thank you’s  to Maverick for staying by my side,  to Grim for being the rock that we needed and for working so damn hard,  Lofty for all the hard work and ups and downs that she’s had to deal with, and lastly but most importantly,  to the models and photographers for all their hard work everyday. I know we don’t get paid for this but it’s definitely a passion we all have for sure.  To the blog staff, my thanks go out for finally helping Maverick get his room up and running.  It’s definitely going to be good to see it rise with the company itself.

Happy birthday Scorpion! Here’s to another year!  Let’s see how many more bets we get out of this company.

XOXO Willow


Happy Birthday Rebirth!


1 year ago Willow and I resurrected our old company, House of Scorpion. Never had I dreamed it would become such a force to be reckoned with. We have had our ups and downs. Lost a few people, but true to the nature of the name, we came back stinging with the ferocity of a bark scorpion. I am proud of what Scorpion has done in it’s time.

I want to give a special thanks to all the management and staff for making this a great year. We have brought on some of the most dedicated people in the industry that I’ve seen.  Here’s to another great year, and much more progress!

CCEO and Blog Owner

Mavrick S. Validin




Weekly Highlight 7/8/2018-7/15/2018


Picture done by

Showcasing herself on the beach. Look at that attention to the scenery!

(Click the Picture or her Name to check her Flickr out!)

Picture Done By:

The Shadowing along with the lighting, make this picture unique along with the theme of course!

(Click the Picture or his Name to check his Flickr out!)

Pat a Cake


Picture Done By:

Love the way the shadowing came out on this. And of course TT for the win!
(Click the Picture or her Name to check her Flickr out!)
Picture Done By:
Most Original Idea I’ve seen in a long time. Great Job man!
(Click his name to check his Flickr out!)
Picture done by:
Very sensual photo, notice the soft focus she used for it!
(Click her name to view her Flickr!)
Picture Done By:
Love the Windlight in this, Great job!
(Click her name to view her Flickr!)
And the last two are done by
Notice how the emotions of the models are captured in these photos.
(Click their names to view their Flickrs!)
I Hope you all enjoyed this weeks highlights of our awesome photographers and models.
Thank you for all your hard work and come back next week for the next installment!


The Greatest Rush…


Story and blog by Willow Eris Skall

Photography by TC Photo (Link at end of blog to check out his work)


♥ I have been told for years now …. Want a real rush sky dive.  Well its true never can the heart beat fast then when the adrenline is pumping.  So a bunch of friends were setting around and talking.  What if someone took the adrenline from skydiving and combine it with the adrenline from sex.  And never to leave us wondering Richard and Lofty gave it a shot in sl and the art turned out so great I had to show you all the end result.  Enjoy.  ♥

XOXO Ms Willow Skall

Modeling Credits:

ღ ĻoƒŦƔ Łoo Vαlιdιɴ ღ (lofty.lemur)

Richard Bearclaw aka TC Photo (cvlovephotos)




Enjoy the Pictures:  Like, Follow our Scorpion Photographer and show him some love

Richard’s Flick Link

Reliving A Moment in Time: Willow and Jagger (Episode 1)


Jagger and Willow on the Piano

Orginally this shoot was an intro shoot for House of Scoprion Production between CEO Vivian Joy Eris and Jagger Draconia… Little did we know at that time that Vivian Joy would turn into Willow J. Eris CEO of Scorpion Productions Inc and Jagger Draconis of Draconis Dreams Photography.

Here are four of the Orginal House of Scorpion Productions Art by Mavrick Validin.

Now fast forward to 2017, Willow and Mavrick reopen Scorpion after a break of time away.  Willow wants to walk down memory lane and contacted Jagger and got her walk down memory lane in a new fashion with the pair.
New Shoot can be found at link below…  Enjoy.

May Day Flowers Fest by Scorpion Rebirth Staff

May Day  Flowers Fest by Scorpion Rebirth Staff

Pick your favorite Artist Below.
Your Opinion Matter help us pick our artist of the month for July
Voting closes 6/25/18

Artist One  –  Willow J Eris Skall
Flickr: Willow J Eris Skall

Artist Two – Partee
Partee Flickr: Partee’s Flick

Artist Three –  Biarzenne Necro Eris
Bia Flickr: Bia’s Flick

Artist Four – Tori Grayce Validin
 Tori Flickr: Tori’s Flickr 

Which Artist is best?

Artist One – Willow J Eris Skall

Artist Two – Partee

Artist Three – Bia Necro Eris

Artist Four – Tori Grayce Validin free polls


Introducing Tori Grayce Validin, Head Photographer of Scorpion Rebirth Blog.

Tori Grayce Validin is one of the photographers and model for Scorpion Rebirth. She is also the head photographer for the
Scorpion Rebirth Blog, coming to the blog with a strong background in the second life’s porn scene. Tori is also known as a photographer and model for SL
Unplugged as well as having modeled for Attention Magazine.

Pretty in Pink

Hair Color: Brunette
Body Art: Music tattoos on arms and back from White Widow
Body Type: Curvy
Height: 6’7″
Ethnicity: White
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

The Favorites:
Favorite Color: Purple and Silver
Favorite Foods and Drinks: Chinese and Peach Snapple
Favorite Sports: Football ( SEC and NFL)
Favorite Bands: I am an eclectic music nerd.. there are too many to list but Blue October’s home has been on repeat on my player lately
Favorite Films and Books: My favorite film is Must love Dogs and book? I am a sucker for romances like Nichola Sparks, but there is an erotic author I really love to read and that is Marata Eros
Favorite Games: I love the classics… Something I learned from my grandfather, backgammon, chinese checkers and parcheesi were our go to’s.
Favorite Quote: A quote I read by Yves St. Laurent; “Nothing is more beautiful than a naked body. The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves. But for those who haven’t the fortune of finding this happiness, I am there.”
Favorite SL Designer: I have a few actually; Blueberry, Vanilla Bae, Big Beautiful Doll, Erratic, Asteria, and [Le Fil Casse] to name a few.

The Neon Room

What drew you into the SL Porn industry?:  A friend said I would be good at it and convinced me to take a leap of faith.  I have been enjoying it ever since.

What are your goals and aspirations within the company and the SL Porn industry?:  I hope to keep improving my techniques and skills to be a better photographer and graphic designer.

What do you want to do within the company?:  I love teaching others about photography and learning from each other so I want to teach and help within the company.

Fun facts about yourself?:  I am an utter goofball and have no filter at all!

Biggest Pet Peeve?:  Only one??  I guess my biggest one is matching your bits to your skin.  I know it’s not the easiest but no one wants to see an angry red pecker anywhere near them!

What do you do in your time outside of porn?: I spend it with my family and friends.

Favorite Porn actor/Model?: There are so many talented artists that I couldn’t possibly pick just one, but the one model that has always been the sweetest and inspiring to me would be Partee Mytilee.

Any fantasy shoots that you’d love to do one day?: I have gotten to experience that one…the menage a trois.

Lastly, if there was one thing you could only do in porn be it a position or scene, what would it be and why?: Honestly, I never really thought about it, but if there was one thing it would be a sensual orgy shot.

Late spring breeze
Be sure to check Tori out in-world and on the blog ladies and gents, she is one sexy scorpion you’ll want to see!

Blog Launch Showcase: A collection of images by the Photographers of Scorpion Rebirth

 The following images are the works chosen by the blog staff and
displayed at the launch of the Scorpion Rebirth Blog on 10th of June
A Quiet Fog by Willow Eris-Skall
Day at the beach by Grimblood Skall
Sinful Sunday with Kenny and McAylah by Mavrick Validin

A Rainy Evening by Biarzenne N. Capalini-Eris

Let it Rain by Tori Grayce Validin

Private Dancer by Lofty Loo

relaxing by waterfall by Britney Fairlady

Smack the ass by Jewell Infinity

Dog Day Summer Afternoon by Tommy

Don’t tell my husband by Ashley Sugarplum

Lagoon H.A.M by Debi Whitfield

His chair by CloverAnne Silverfall

Aria Horan by TC Photo (Richard)

Bia Shoot 12a by Kenny Fox